Collaboration with the University of Debrecen

We have built up a strong partnership with the University of Debrecen:

We collaborate with numerous faculties and institues:

DE Faculty of Humanities

DE Faculty of Economics and Business

DE BTK | Angol-Amerikai Intézet

DE BTK | Francia Tanszék

DE BTK | Germanisztikai Intézet

DE BTK | Kommunikáció és Médiatudományi Tanszék

DE BTK | Néderlandisztika Tanszék


DBSC Career Roundtrip

In 2018 we have started a series of events called "Career Roundtrip" - this is a 1-day tour for university students, they could have a look how our offices look like, how our teams work, they can participate in competency-based games.

DE Faculty of Humanities - Masters' Open day

For the first time in 2020, we have been invited to the Masters' Open day, where we have introduced the sector, the roundtable, and the career opportunities

DBSC university course "Real-life business"

The course is available for the students of Faculty of Economics and Business and Faculty of Humanities, and the students get 2 credit points for completing the series of lectures. The course is available in both hungarian and english. The students can learn from our colleagues about the most valuable, industry-specific skills and techniques, such as project- and time management, presentation skills, HR basics, communication and working in virtual teams

DBSC 'Branding 2020'

We work together on our branding projects with talented and enthusiastic students from the Department of Communication and Media Studies - we use the agile project management techniques, and the project teams maintain close collaboration in a structured working environment. In January 2020 we have started 6 larger projects, such as social media-related communication and content creation, event promotion and registration, DBSC mobile application