What is this about?
BSC Academy is a set of lectures and seminars in both Hungarian and English at the University of Debrecen.
The courses were launched in 2018, and we have been really happy to see the high number of those interested. In 2019, applications were closed after only half a day!
Why we are doing it?
The goal of this educational program is to give an insight into the world of the business services sector.
We strive to show the opportunities offered by the sector, thus making it easier to get around for interns and those at the beginning of their career.

Who are our presenters?
Our lectures and presentations are packed with real-life examples, and the lecturers are our colleagues, who work for the BSC companies in Debrecen. We think this is how we can be really authentic when we are introducing the sector to you.

How we are doing it?
Megpróbáljuk a legérdekesebb történeteket átadni a hallgatóknak, illetve arról is beszélgetünk velük, mely kompetenciák és tulajdonságok szükségesek ahhoz, hogy elhelyezkedhessenek a szektorban. Az órák során hasznos tippket osztunk meg a hallgatókkal, melyek segíthetnek nekik megfelelni egy interjún és megoldani komplex problémákat. A kurzusokon elsajátított ismeretekre alapozva könnyeben el tudják képzelni azt is, hogyan néz ki egy lehetséges karrierút az üzleti szolgáltató szektorban.
Useful information
The English seminar is available at the Institute of English and American Studies, while the Hungarian-language lectures can be visited by anyone studying at the Faculty of Economics and Business and the Faculty of Humanities. You can get 2 credit points for completing any of the courses.


As an intern in the BSC sector, you don't need to worry: we respect your daily schedule and your personal needs in the course of both terms and exam periods, so you can easily harmonize your working hours with your university duties.

In each and every position we give you the option of personal development, but in case you need to change positions internally, we are open and ready to help you find the most suitable job for you. Besides, you have the chance to look for new challenges, different situations and show your real talent.

We don't need you to perform miracles, we teach you everything you need to know for your daily work. We onboard you with the help of mentors, so you can understand the different positions step by step. The corporate culture of the companies in the BSC sector serves as good example, as it is internationally recognized and succesful.

Besides a competitive salary, we try to express our appreciation in other forms:
comfy work atmosphere (free coffee, modern and ergonomic office environment), benefit packages (cafeteria, discounts, gym tickets), andhigh-standard company events.

We plan on working with you long-term. We believe that our employees are talented, ambicious individuals, who can acquire new skills, which are really beneficial for them on the long run. Once the student years are over, we are glad to employ the enthusiastic former interns, who have proven their skills earlier.



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